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Wood, Aluminum or Steel? Finding the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Your garage doors add curb appeal to your property and can be beneficial in allowing you to park your car safely in an enclosed space. And like many other home design decisions, buying a garage door isn't as simple as just wanting one installed; you really need to put some creative thought into the process.
You want to consider price, durability, longevity and beauty when buying a garage door, and the materials used to create garage doors have a lot to do with all these factors. So, should you choose wood, aluminum or steel? This guide will help you decide which garage door is best for your needs using information about each type of door and the above factors.


If price is the biggest motivator in your purchasing decision, then you may want to go with steel. Steel doors typically begin at a cost of around $750, but expect to pay more for insulated steel that drowns out noise and makes your garage more energy efficient by controlling temperature changes. Steel is popular and can be cost effective in the long run due to its low maintenance requirements, its resistance to rust and dents and the low cost of installation.
Another option is aluminum, which isn't as durable as steel but does come with a low impact on your budget. Single-piece doors that are of the thinnest aluminum material can be as cheap as $400. However, aluminum can dent, tear or scratch easily, especially if you plan on using your garage doors often. Talk to your garage door install specialist to see whether basic steel or aluminum doors are better for your budget and needs.


If durability is your biggest concern, then you will again want to opt for steel or aluminum. The reason for this is simple: neither material is prone to rust or corrosion. With steel or aluminum, repainting your doors may be your main form of maintenance.
Steel is less susceptible to denting than aluminum, but aluminum can be easier to repair, so the choice between the two is a toss-up. Don't forget about wood, either: it is highly durable and won't dent. However, wood will require frequent refinishing to maintain its allure, so a wood door would require more maintenance than its metal competitors.


The average garage door, regardless of what material it's made out of, lasts between 15 and 30 years. Regular inspections of your garage door will help extend your door’s regular life, and how often you use the door will affect how long the springs last.
No matter what type of garage door you choose, you need a professional garage door technician to inspect your garage door and make replacements or repairs as needed if you want to get the most life out of your purchase.


Wood garage doors offer a rustic, welcoming appeal to the garages they adorn and can be customized to fit any home's style. Steel and aluminum doors, on the other hand, can vary in color but may be limited in design.
If you want garage doors that really take peoples' breath away and add amazing curb appeal, then wood may be your best option. Be prepared to pay for the luxury of wood garage doors, as they start at around $800 for a basic style and can cost upwards of $2,500 if you get a custom design.
Garage doors can benefit your home greatly, no matter what material you prefer. Talk to your garage door technician about the options available to you based on your needs and budget. At Garage Door Factory, we can help you find the best garage door for your home.

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