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Why a Classic Aluminum Garage Door Is All You Need

When updating the curb appeal of your home, investing in a new garage door is a simple and cost-effective way to achieve that wow factor you're looking for. You may think you need to spend a lot of money on a steel or wooden door, but in reality a classic aluminum garage door can meet all your upgrade needs while saving you money at the same time.
Here are reasons why you should give aluminum garage doors a second look. You just may find that a classic door is all you need to make your property look amazing.
Aluminum Garage Doors Are Versatile
The average minimum cost for a traditional aluminum garage door is just over $800, leaving you plenty of room to spend your budget on other exterior improvements. The versatility of a basic aluminum garage door is impressive: you can paint the door nearly any color you wish to make it more unique if its original style doesn't appeal to you, or you can invest a bit more money and buy an aluminum door that has a glass insert.
Aluminum can also be purchased in a texture that mimics wood or stamped steel so you can achieve the appeal of pricier garage doors without the cost. Classic aluminum garage doors can be customized to fit your current home's style.
You can choose to upgrade to a thicker aluminum garage door that has greater insulation for sound control or stick to a basic style that has simple lines for a streamlined appeal. Your garage door installer can help you choose the best aluminum garage door for your budget.
Aluminum Garage Doors Are Long Lasting
The average garage door, including aluminum, lasts around 20 years maximum. The number of times you use your garage door in a day and how you maintain your door greatly determine how long you can expect yours to last. If you are simply getting a garage door on your property to enclose your garage and keep storage safe, then aluminum is a wise investment as the material lasts as long as steel or wooden doors do without the additional costs.
Aluminum Garage Doors Are Easy to Care For
Invest in rust-resistant aluminum garage doors for a low-maintenance upgrade. While aluminum is more likely to dent than steel, it is a durable material that bends well so it may not break as easily as other materials. You simply need to keep the tracks lubricated and wash the aluminum doors now and then to keep them looking and functioning like new.
If aluminum doors get stained or begin to fade, you can simply have your garage doors repainted with a fresh, new hue. Easy maintenance allows you to enjoy your garage doors more wholly, knowing you will not have to invest a lot more money to keep them looking attractive and operating as they should.
Whether you are installing garage doors for the first time or thinking of replacing your current doors for something more modern and attractive, consider basic aluminum doors when shopping. You'd be surprised the many ways an aluminum garage door can look and operate as beautifully as more expensive wood or steel doors do. Your garage door specialist will work with your budget to help you choose the style and material that works best for your needs.
If you are unsure whether you want aluminum garage doors or another style, allow your specialist to show you the pros and cons of different materials on the market. Our team of garage door specialists can show you a trending collection of garage doors in various materials to help you choose the best one for your home and budget. Call us at Garage Door Service today.

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